Investment Opportunity


  • Buffalo Thorn Safaris is a well-established game farm in the Koedoesrand district in Limpopo and is focused on the breeding of game, the hunting industry, as well as tourism and conservation.
  • After the collapse of countries like Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Angola, Southern African biodiversity came under pressure. This phenomenon created the opportunity for South African game farmers to become leaders in ensuring the preservation of especially rare game species in Southern Africa. Bushveld Trophies was established with a vision to continually seek out and improve the genetic material in the breeding stock in order to reproduce quality stock that has been eliminated through excessive hunting, disease and habitat loss.
  • In recent years the breeding of Cape Buffalo and Roan amongst others have become synonymous with huge potential returns and the industry has established a sound reputation for proven successes with such breeding programs. It is thus no surprise that rare game breeding of especially Roan and Sable antelope, as well as Buffalo is attracting savvy business people such as Cyril Ramaphosa and Norman Adami – chairman of SAB.

Bushveld Trophies’ objective is to provide an investment opportunity for individuals who wants to enter this lucrative market segment, without having to own land, employ staff or manage game and wildlife.

The Offer

–   Specially designed breeding camps, providing controlled infrastructure focused on daily monitoring, as well as intensive feeding and keeping predators out.

–   Quality breeding bulls ensuring the highest return on offspring and a high production rate.

–   All feeding costs

–   All veterinary expenses

–   Complete individual records for each animal

–   All necessary permits and costs thereof

The Concept

  • A partnership is concluded between you (the Partner) and Bushveld Trophies
  • Top quality game (breeding stock) is identified
  • The Partner purchases the breeding stock
  • The Partner keeps 100%ownershipofthe breeding stock
  • Bushveld Trophies provides all the skills, land, infrastructure, feeding and expertise
  • Bushveld Trophies takes care of the husbandry of all breeding stock
  • Yield on the breeding stock (both genders) is split 50/50
  • NB: AII offspring will be sold within 3years
  • On the selling of any animals from the yield, veterinary, transport and commissions or any other costs that may accrue linked to the selling will be deducted and the nett amount realised will be divided 50/50
  • The Partner will have the option to insure his initial breeding stock at own cost
  • The Partner may only sell the initial breeding stock after an initial period of 5 years
  •    Bushveld Trophies will have the first option to buy the breeding stock
  • The Partner will have access to our 4 Star lodge
  • The Partner will have hunting opportunities


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