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Common Buffalo Thorn Bushveld Birds

Buffalo Thorn Safari Lodge is a birdwatcher’s paradise. The travelling birdwatcher has a host of subjects to fill his or her time watching during an escape to our beautiful bushveld lodge. Just recently we took this wonderful picture of a chirpy Little Bee Eater (above). Let’s take a look at some of the birdwatching highlights that you just might come across on the game farm

Mousebird Paradise 

Buffalo Thorn Safari Lodge, and certainly the entire highveld and Limpopo region, is home to thousands of communal mousebirds. These pleasant birds are known to feast on the fruits, seeds and berries throughout the bushveld, and are often seen taking communal sand baths. They are always pleasant to watch because they are such interactive and social birds.

Speckled Mousebird family

A Home For Hornbills

If you’re looking for something a little more exotic, then make sure you keep an eye out for our resident Hornbills. The Southern Red Billed Hornbill is a common sight around the Waterberg region, feasting on the fruits and insects that can easily be found in the sour bushveld. Made famous in The Lion King, maybe you can find your own Zazu in the Buffalo Thorn wild?

Southern Red Billed Hornbill

Top Of The Food Chain 

There is are numbers of roaming, carnivorous birds that settle in and around Buffalo Thorn Safari Lodge. Many of these birds are fairly common, such as the Lesser Kestrel, Red-Footed Falcon and Common Buzzard. But occasionally the wary birdwatcher may be able to spot a rarity, just like the beautiful Wahlberg’s Eagle.

Wahlberg’s Eagle

No matter the time of the year, and whether you have a particular interest in birds either big or small, there is always something in store for the birdwatcher at Buffalo Thorn Safari Lodge. If you are a professional ornithologist, or you have even the slightest interest in bird watching, make sure your stay is at Buffalo Thorn Safari Lodge.

Take a look at our Conservation Page for more information regarding Buffalo Thorn Safari Lodge’s buffalo breeding scheme, or take a look at our Accommodation Page to book your room today!

We look forward to seeing you!